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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Tuesday 3 November 2015

Fun Moving Announcements

After you've settled in, you'll want to let your friends and family know your new address. Electronic notifications may be good enough for you young, techno-savvy friends, but how about your grandparents or great grandparents? Besides all of that, a formal paper announcement shows class and charm in the desensitized age. Here are a few examples, and descriptions from their respective websites, of some current trendy announcements. Paper Airplane

Once you’ve landed in your new neighborhood, take an unexpected route in announcing your news.

Welcome Mat

The quintessential symbol of a new home. This card offers a letter pressed design on the front and a fill-in-the-blank style interior for information.


Shipping Tag Moving Announcement

A special delivery worth noting. Let everyone know that you’ve finally arrived at your latest and greatest destination.

We’re Moving

On the move? These flat cards were created for filling in all of your new information on the bottom.

The Grass Is Greener Moving Announcement

The never-go-out-of-style picket fence design is the perfect way to spread your relocating news. Available in cheerful Kelly green or bright yellow.

 Postmaster General

Make it official: Alert friends and family of your change of address with this old-school-style design on recycled card stock.

Hello Lucky! We’ve Moved

Hunting for a simple way to announce your zip code change? Consider a classic, flat, fill-in-the-blank card.

Things Change

Yup, things change. Celebrate this next big step by letting friends and family know of your new address. This card has a letter pressed design on the front and fill-in-the-blank details inside.

Taxi Printable Moving Cards

For that gang that’s moving up and out-of-town, this is the most obvious way to show it. This 100 percent cotton, ecru paper stock is perfect for printing right from home. Your new home, of course.

Home Sweet Home

After all that unpacking, you’ll be happy to send greetings from your own front door. This set includes die-cut announcements, imprintable cards, and coordinating ribbon for attaching.


If you’re heading seaside, give your announcement a nautical spin.

Personalized Moving Cards

Traditional ecru-colored card stock gets a pick-me-up with this eye-catching mandarin orange border.

New Home

Simple, pretty, and to the point. This letterpress design can be customized to announce your big move