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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Renovation Problem

Recently, we found yet another difficult problem we can help take care of: The renovation move. We just helped out with such an occasion. The family home was due for a remodeling, the amount of items piled in every room to sort through was definitely daunting.

The family tried hard to manage the house, but it quickly became too much for them.  So, they called us!

First, we gave them a good rate on a storage unit for their items. Some of these, they were uncertain of selling or distributing among family members. This gave them more time to parse through these and make those tricky decisions together, instead of rushing through into decisions in haste. Memories and keepsakes are impossible to get back, so it was important for them to be able to carefully sort through these and let the family all find the items that were important for them.

The next thing we did was help them to carefully and securely pack all the items they were sure to sell (furniture, oversized items, etc.) in properly labeled containers to be delivered to the appropriate destinations for liquidation. In our country, it's so hard to transport large items efficiently. Many of the family members travel by bus or taxi, since it's so expensive and troublesome to own your own car in Singapore. Better than taking things piecemeal and spending countless hours wrapping and packing, this saved them a lot of time and heartache, having to return repeatedly.

Lastly, we of course delivered all of these items for them to their destinations, for no extra cost than a normal move. The relocation of loved family members is hard enough already without adding in financial burdens and investing innumerable hours trying to take care of their belongings. We understand how difficult things can be, and want to provide quality, affordable options to handle these difficult events.

So, the family got everything they really wanted: They had time to sift through belongings to help make sure everyone received their keepsake and memorable items to help reminisce (and sort out any disputes over coveted items), they got the house emptied and ready for remodeling, and they got all of the items sent to auction that needed to go, all with one easy, customer friendly phone call!

We are proud to support your every need, from housing relocations to renovations. Please think of us the next time you're struggling with a similar situation!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Big School Move

Yet another moving story for you all to enjoy. This time, it's not a company or a house, but a school!

"If you've only ever moved a one room apartment or small house, then you have no idea what a real headache moving can be. Imagine if you had to move not an office building, not a house or a home, but, imagine moving an entire school.

There are 24 classrooms, 14 storage rooms, the library, the teacher's room, the art room, the science lab.... there are so many rooms we don't want to count! There were so many chairs we couldn't count!

This year, we decided to move using only our staff, and a few of our colleagues from nearby schools. I cannot tell you how much of a mistake this was. We rented a few trucks at first. We all gathered at 7 am, and started packing. Each teacher had packed their own desk, and their own affects from each classroom. We thought it would be just hauling a few truckloads from the old school to our brand new, state of the art facility. Boy, were we wrong!

By 10 am, we knew we were in trouble... After two truckloads and a lot of blood, sweat, and a few tears, we had barely made a dent in our move. We took a little break, and our principal called around looking for more rental trucks and more helping hands to lend us their strength. We managed to pick a few more trucks, and 3 more helpers, but by 5 pm, we hadn't even finished packing and moving half the school... The chairs and desks ended up taking us two days all by themselves, much less the other items we needed to move.

After we got everything moved, it took almost the entire month to unpack and sort and adapt everything to our newer facilities. It took us three days to unpack and throw away boxes before we could start really sorting everything out... If only we'd had someone who could help with all of this...

The next time we decide to move, we unanimously decided to hire a professional moving company who could not only help with transportation, but with the take down and set up after everything was relocated. This was supposed to be our relaxing end of the year vacation, but it turned out to be a total nightmare!"

At KNT Movers, this kind of headache is what we hope to help you avoid!

Our strong agile crew can help with the tear down and the setup, we can help with the leftovers, and we can definitely help plan how many trucks and how many people you will need! Don't waste your precious time (or holidays) sweating through a grueling move. Spend your holidays relaxing while we take care of that move for you!

We are the best professional movers in Singapore, regardless of the size or scope of your move, and regardless of your status, residential or professional!

Whatever your needs, just leave it to us!