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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Friday, 5 December 2014

Moving - The Positive Side

Welcome to our new blog! Here, we will post tips, advice, tricks, and other things related to the excitement and hassles of moving!

First, everyone always thinks of moving as such a drag.... The packing, the unpacking, taking down one life, only to put up a new one somewhere else... It can be a lot of work, a lot of hassle, and a lot of frustration.

We like to think of it as a chance at a new beginning. A new place, a new home, gives provides opportunities to change the things we don't like. Even if you're downsising from your current accommodations, there are still many positive things to look at! "What could be positive about an exhausting move?"  Let us enlighten you!

First, one of the best things about packing and unpacking is the chance to remember. When going through possessions, old smells, photographs, and keepsakes often re-emerge from their hibernation. Remembering our past helps us to make a fresh start in the future, without allowing us to forget the lessons we've learned in from our past. Letters from an old girlfriend, that sweater your grandmother gave you, your old high school yearbook; all good times and chances to remember where you came from. We, at KNT, understand that often packing is a time-consuming, messy, and frustrating task. We can help with the packing part, and get you into your new residence faster, where you'll have plenty of time and opportunities to get reacquainted with your old memories. Take your time, we'll come pick up the packaging after your finished, free of charge!

Another plus, moving is a great workout! All that heavy lifting, carrying, climbing up and down stairs, washing, mopping, vacuuming, polishing, packing, wrapping, unpacking, etc. etc. is great for all of stretching and exercising all of our muscles! Of course, our teams of professional movers can help you with this in a fast, friendly, and efficient manner! Sometimes it's more fun to skip the tiresome parts, skip ahead to the fun parts! Let us help you skip ahead to getting into your new home!

Lastly, the obvious positive: it's a new house! A new place for making memories, a new place to bring the old ones along. There are so many things about where we used to live, and where we are going to live, that can only improve when we get to a new place. New furniture? Sure, sometimes. But, even better, a new layout, fresh paint; a place where everything is clean and ready for a personal touch. Making a new home our own is the best part of moving into a new place. Everything in it's new place. The energy that can be injected into our lives from a fresh design cannot and shouldn't be ignored!

So, stop dreading that upcoming move, and, look towards the positives! Let us help get that fresh start started! Visit our website or give us a call us at 6747-6636! And don't forget, take all the time you need with the new design. We'll come pickup the packaging when the masterpiece is finished!

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