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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Renovation Problem

Recently, we found yet another difficult problem we can help take care of: The renovation move. We just helped out with such an occasion. The family home was due for a remodeling, the amount of items piled in every room to sort through was definitely daunting.

The family tried hard to manage the house, but it quickly became too much for them.  So, they called us!

First, we gave them a good rate on a storage unit for their items. Some of these, they were uncertain of selling or distributing among family members. This gave them more time to parse through these and make those tricky decisions together, instead of rushing through into decisions in haste. Memories and keepsakes are impossible to get back, so it was important for them to be able to carefully sort through these and let the family all find the items that were important for them.

The next thing we did was help them to carefully and securely pack all the items they were sure to sell (furniture, oversized items, etc.) in properly labeled containers to be delivered to the appropriate destinations for liquidation. In our country, it's so hard to transport large items efficiently. Many of the family members travel by bus or taxi, since it's so expensive and troublesome to own your own car in Singapore. Better than taking things piecemeal and spending countless hours wrapping and packing, this saved them a lot of time and heartache, having to return repeatedly.

Lastly, we of course delivered all of these items for them to their destinations, for no extra cost than a normal move. The relocation of loved family members is hard enough already without adding in financial burdens and investing innumerable hours trying to take care of their belongings. We understand how difficult things can be, and want to provide quality, affordable options to handle these difficult events.

So, the family got everything they really wanted: They had time to sift through belongings to help make sure everyone received their keepsake and memorable items to help reminisce (and sort out any disputes over coveted items), they got the house emptied and ready for remodeling, and they got all of the items sent to auction that needed to go, all with one easy, customer friendly phone call!

We are proud to support your every need, from housing relocations to renovations. Please think of us the next time you're struggling with a similar situation!

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