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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Tips to Start a Move!

In the modern world, people are relocating constantly. As much as 75% of any country relocates every 5 years. From the time we are born, until the time we die, we will live in, on average, more than 10 homes! That's a lot of moving and shaking! A home is such an important part of our lives, for ourselves, our pets, and our children. Be smart about when and where you move. The first step to finding and moving into a new place is to do research. Thankfully, in the information age, there's an infinite amount of knowledge, experiences, and data just hiding inside your computer. Here are a few common tips on researching a new home:

1. Go to Google for raw data and basic research -- but that's only a first step.
2. Use research to define and refine your parameters for finding a new home.
3. Factor restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and other convenience-based choices into your research.
4. Narrow the focus of your research: urban, suburban, or rural? Town or city?
5. Check out date on school rating sites, city sites, and crime statistics.
6. The best school districts also tend to be the best places to live.
7. Find, join and read Facebook groups or forums related to your potential new hometown.
8. Prioritize your criteria for moving: schools, recreation, safety, amenities, cost of living, employment, etc.
9. View government and city websites along with the local chamber of commerce.
10. Check out local tourism sites and blogs.
11. Find and talk to as many people from the area as you can via any means available.
12. Don't forget to research (and prepare for) the weather in your new home!
13. Don't be afraid to ask your realtor for advice and resources.
14. Just like the Facebook groups, read local blogs and personal travel sites to find out more about your target area.
15. Poll friends and family (and maybe even strangers in the area) on Facebook about the area you're thinking of relocating to, to get first-hand experience and advice.
16. When looking at houses, check out the surrounding neighborhood, online or in person.
17. Take all anecdotes and personal stories with a grain of salt; not everyone's experience or stories are representative of the area, just like any other aspect of life.
18. Realize that research can only do so much! Sometimes it pays to get your boots on the ground!

Once you've found your new location, start figuring out how you will be able to transport all of your things there; if you can do it on your own, with your friends, or maybe if you need some friendly and professional movers to help you out! Don't forget to give us a call! We will keep that move down to the least amount of hassle a move can be!

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