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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

9 Smart Things to Do Before You Move

After signing the paper work on your new home, you’re probably reeling from the amount of money you have just shelled out, and are excited to be in a new place just the same. Soon, all that will pass and you’ll be overwhelmed by the task of trying to pack everything up to get it ready for your move. Here are some tips we have rounded up in our time as movers to help you keep from losing your mind.

1. Pack smart, on a schedule

It would be a miracle to pack your entire residence all at once. You should give yourself a daily goal to pack x boxes a day until everything is finished. Start early, by packing things you won’t need any time soon. The more you can do early, the easier your moving day will be for you. It’s going to take a lot of energy to set up your new place also, so don’t save too much for the last minute!

2. Try packing green

Recently, moving companies are switching from cardboard boxes to sturdy plastic boxes with attachable lids. These are much more eco friendly, and require less padding to keep your belongings safe. Also, there’s a lot less taping required.
3. Don’t bother packing up your clothes

Wardrobe boxes are incredibly handy. You don’t even have to take your clothes off the hangers. Just put them in the wardrobe box and haul them to your new house. Then you just transfer them to your new closet and you’re done. You won’t need to wash or iron anything!

4. Switch your utilities.

You might think this is a gimme, but, sometimes it takes longer than you expect. New houses or places that have been empty for a long time may need time to be hooked up to utilities or have their wiring/piping upgraded before they can interface with the new system. The earlier you call, the faster you can get your service hooked up in your new place!

5. Make the transition easier
Saying goodbye to your family home can be heartbreaking. One way you can ease the heartache is by recording and preserving the memories that you can. If you’ve been recording your children’s growth on the walls or door frame like we recommended, you can take a snapshot, or, you can try to take it with you! Wallpaper isn’t hard to remove, and you can easily replace a door frame.

Also, try to make the new place sound better. Find new fun things to do in the neighborhood. Record the children’s favorite parts of the old house, and try to recreate similar things in the new house.

6. Make a Splash in the Neighborhood
The usual cookies or pies to meet your neighbors are all well and good, but why not make things more interesting? You’re probably going to be repainting anyway, so why not have more fun? Try having a graffiti party! Invite your neighbors over to decorate the walls in their own style. Who knows? You might even like it!

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