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Monday, 2 November 2015

Decorating together with a new flatmate

Combine Your Design Style

After you've moved into your space, with all your items carefully meshed with your new flat mate, here's where you start to enjoy life together. It’s time to develop your own combined style. After you have a sense of how you each feel your home should look, it will be much easier to patch the holes in your decor. Sometimes, you get lucky, and your flat mate will let you make all the decisions. The internet is full of places to get new ideas and find styles you like together without leaving the house. Check sites like Pinterest or Houzz to start keeping track of your ideas for your combined style. You can save room images and products, and both have something to refer back to when buying missing items. 

5.  Plan your Space

Den One Side
As we mentioned, there are many tools online to plan your room. However, a pencil and paper sketch is often just as effective for laying out your space plans. It's also much easier to carry around and doesn't require recharging! Once you have a basic floor plan of where your key pieces of furniture go, use professional plans or simply measure on graph paper. It's not critical to decide where each and every tiny detail goes, but you will need a plan for the bigger and key pieces of your room. Also, it's important to make shared spaces actually shared spaces. If there are some items that your flat mate just can't stand, respect their opinion, and keep those items in your personal space instead. Contrastly, your flat mate should respect your opinions as well. This will help keep the peace and set the right tone for your cohabitation.

6. Get Professional Help

Decorist Shoot - Brookline Living Room Project-2496-Edit-1
So what do you do when you both have no idea? When you look at that room on Pinterest, but can't afford it or make it happen? What if your furniture just doesn't match? Online interior design services help people to mesh all their design ideas together into a matching set, for a fraction the cost of an interior designer. Simply add photos that you want to match together, write a little about your budget and what you want, a designer creates a beautiful room to fit your style and budget, all without leaving your house! They will even include a floor plan and a detailed list of what to buy! Several of these services have different levels of celebrity in their designer pool. You can get a beautiful, professional, celebrity designed space for no cost at all, all before setting foot in a DIY store!

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