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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Making the First Day Easier

So you moved today. It's your first night in the new home, and you are completely exhausted. Your kitchen is in boxes still, and so is your enthusiasm. What can you do to make your life a little bit easier? Here are a few tips from us to help ease you into your second day.

Order in

After spending a day hauling boxes, cleaning, packing, unpacking, driving, cleaning... (yes, double cleaning), you probably aren't too excited about unpacking the rest of the kitchen and trying to make something for dinner. The bad news is, you still need to eat!   Treat yourselves by ordering  from your favorite place! Or, if you're in a new area, try finding a new restaurant to get that taste from home. Check online for reviews in your area, and find something the locals like! You might also look into a massage or even delivery liquor! Toast yourselves in your new home!

Pack a first night kit

When you move into a new home, you rarely can unpack everything you have in one fell swoop. That means, in a normal move, all the things you need will be in 27 different boxes all over the house. There is, however, a way to avoid this! Before you pack everything, find the things you will need on your first night, and put them in a suitcase or a box clearly labeled "First Night." This is not, a reference to creepy lords stealing your wife on the first night, but rather a sound practice to make sure everything you need the first night, like your pajamas, your face wash, toothbrush, soaps, etc., will all be readily available without much work. Don't forget things like bedding and a blanket you might use for sleeping or eating, if you haven't gotten to the table yet. If you're ordering in, like we suggest, then you probably won't need much cutlery, but, cups might be useful to share that big bottle of beverage you get from the delivery service.

Watch a movie

Your first night in a new house is an adventure. Don't let the family spend it separated between your respective rooms! Pack a movie or two on your laptop. If your WiFi is set up, you can maybe stream one of your favorites that you don't own yet, or, even better, try watching something new together! It's much easier on your younger children to go through all of this together anyway, and so you can help them out a lot more by spending the first few days together! Why not make it into a living room slumber party all together? 

Get some rest


After a long day of moving and carrying, your body is due for some recovery time. Take the unpacking and setting up the new house one day at a time, not all at one time. Have a relaxing bath or shower, get comfy in your pajamas, and sleep soundly. The hardest parts are finished. Now you can set up the rest of your house at your own pace!

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