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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Reduce before you Relocate

Moving: so many things to do, so little time... Even worse when you need to move from some where big to some where smaller, even if it's only a loss of one room. The good news is, there's less that will fit, and so there's less to move in. The bad news is, you have to decide what doesn't go with you. Here's a few ideas on how to downsize before you start to pack.

Step 1: De-clutter. Let's start by reducing the things you keep around that you don't or can't use. Anything that's broken beyond repair, or would be cheaper to replace, it's probably better to get rid of. Broken electronics come to mind. Also, anything you have been keeping outside in the garden or balcony that's not looking so new might not need to come with you either. Also, tools which no longer work, old fashioned clothes you’re wouldn't wear again, anything in the attic or other storage spaces you've forgotten about, etc. 
Next, to continue downsizing, go through the least places in your home, the guest room for example. We often put things in the rooms we don't use much, and then we forget about them until it's time to pack them up. You probably won't even have a guest room in your new place if you're losing size, so maybe most of the items in there can disappear! 
Don't forget about your car as well. We have so many storage spots in there we don't even look in most of the time. Who needs that registration for the car you had in 1967 you keep transferring when you just grab everything from the old car and put it in the new one. Don't equivocate or falter here. Be unbiased and strict about what you really need to take with you.
Step 2 - Reducing the House:

The first question: Can you use it at all? Do you need that worn out sofa? The cover is torn, the springs aren't really springy... How about any of the other items that are worn out, faded, or broken? It's probably going to cost about the same to move them as it is to replace them, and it's probably just time to retire these things. When you're cramped for space, this is an easy decision to make – throwing away what is actually useless.
How's the fashion? Do you care? If you do, this is an important decision to make. Anything that has passed it's fashionable use by date can stay in your past. Have you even worn that in the last two years? Are you really going to wear it again? You don't really want it anymore, so, let's get rid of it and make room for something newer anyway!

Next, measure the space you have available in your new place. Will everything fit? I can't tell you how frustrating it was to try and figure out how to get some of my stuff into my last big house. I can't imagine doing the same thing if I had to move them into an apartment. Do yourself a favor, and let these things go as well. Take proper measurements, and make sure you aren't trying to fit a watermelon into a space the size of a lemon! 

Need... this is a hard question. Do you need it? Some things we keep around because we want them, but, in reality, we never use them. Yes in the case of a zombie apocalypse, you might need that hand cranked meat grinder... but, I think it's safe to let that one go for now. Anything that's taking up space because you might, maybe use it one day can might, maybe find a new home with someone more apt to use it soon. 

The last one: emotional value. These are items we hold dear because they were gifts from people we love and cherish. Souvenirs or practical things either way, if you really care about it and want it in your next home, pack it and take it.

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