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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Packing Tips - How to do it yourself

Happy New Year everyone! 

We hope you had a great holiday! Today, we thought we would share some DIY tips with you for how to make your move easier and safer!

Nothing can beat the ease and comfort of a move with KNT Movers Singapore, but, if you're looking to save yourself some money, or even just some space and time after we help you move into your new home, here are some ways to do it!

Now, here are some real tips to help you with your packing!

For starters, don't let anyone who packs like this do any of your packing!

First, pack yourself an overnight bag for each family member, which contains everything you'll need for the first night and day in the house. 

After a full day of packing and moving, the last thing anyone wants to do is root around to find the missing toothbrush, face wash, or pajamas they need to go to sleep. This saves a lot on the wind down after a long moving day. Also, any small valuables or electronics that you might want to use right away can go in that bag too, so they're easy to find and less likely to suffer any catastrophes!

Make sure not to leave any extra space in your boxes! This helps save room in the truck, and reduces chances for breakage!

Also, beer boxes often come with handles, so it makes them ideal for packing heavy items, like books or plates! When you pack your plates, make sure you pack them standing, not flat in the box. That will help reduce any chances of breakage.

One last packing tip: Instead of unpacking all the dresser drawers, simply remove the drawers from the dresser, wrap them with a sealing plastic wrap, and move them as is. This saves on the packing and unpacking!

Some helpful hints for your movers and trying to reassemble things later are next! 

  • Do make sure you label each box, not on top, but on the sides! This will make them much easier to see when they're stacked up in a moving box, and will help movers or friends if they're trying to be helpful and put them in the rooms you will need later. It couldn't hurt to number the boxes as you go either. This will help you in the event that you think you've misplaced a box!
If your friends are helping you move, or if you've hired us to move for you but want to shave that little bit extra off the total bill by doing the packing yourself,  make sure everything is completely packed before the friends or movers show up. This limits the chances of things breaking, and also helps the move go more smoothly, without any worry that your buddies will be frustrated at having to help you pack. 
  • If you have a lot of fragile items, or many breakable valuables, we recommend hiring movers to help you. Movers will often use a lot more care, and may save you in the long run, as beer and food aren't cheap, nor is replacing broken valuables! But, make sure to do your booking early! 
  • The end of or beginning of the month are very busy! 
If you hire movers, make sure to read their fine print. KNT Movers are an upfront, no nonsense company, but, many companies have ridiculous rules about how and what they will move. Avoid being caught with unnecessary fees by either hiring us, or reading the fine print of any contract!

For starters, 
don't let anyone who packs like this 
do any of your packing! 

  • First, pack yourself an overnight bag for each family member, which contains everything you'll need for the first night and day in the house. After a full day of packing and moving, the last thing anyone wants to
  • Second tip: if you're doing all of your packing by yourself, you can reduce the amount of packing materials you need, i.e. bubble wrap, newspaper, packing peanuts, etc., by using clean clothing. This helps you reduce boxes as well! Socks work great to help protect glasses and stemmed items, but don't forget that they need something inside, not only outside! Other clothing goes well for packing other dishes and small fragile items. Towels can be used to help pack many smaller items at once, keeping them safe, and sorted all together in the same place! 
  • When you pack your cosmetics, a cotton pad or ball will help prevent them from breaking, and, also help prevent any powders from exploding inside the cases. Also, any liquids can be prevented from leaking or spilling out by placing plastic wrap around the openings and then replacing their original caps.
  • Any complicated electronics, like computer or home entertainment systems, can be tricky to reconnect. Take photos before you disassemble them, and use tape with either color coding or numbering to help you put them back together! You can put small pieces in plastic bags to help keep all the items that belong together in one place for easy reassembly. 
  • Lastly, unless you've got a big family, try to make the last grocery trip well before the planned move. A lot of wasted food or extra things to cart to the new house happen when people forget to prepare the refrigerator, and when one is defrosting in the back of a moving truck, damages are likely. Make sure you're ready to move these things too!

Here's just a few of many good moving advice articles we can help you out with! 

Make sure to check our blog regularly for move good moving information! And, remember, we can take the hassle and worry out of your move! 

Just visit our website or give us a call us at 6747-6636!

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