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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Monday, 9 February 2015

Tear Free Moving

A Moving Horror Story

Let us tell you a story recently shared with us from one of our associates.

It was moving day, and everyone was in a hurry to pack things up before their friends arrived. Our associate has a young daughter, only 2 years old. She has a favorite toy: a stuffed teddy bear. So, while they were packing, she wouldn't let go of the teddy bear, so they let her hold it while they took care of things, and cleaned up. Boxes were packed, their friends arrived, and everything was loaded into the truck. Their little girl started crying. Eventually, her mother was able to console her, and she slept all the way to their new house. When they arrived, she woke up and starting crying again. As they were starting to unpack later in the evening, they then finally realized why she had been crying. Her favorite bear was left at their old house.... 

Has this ever happened to you? You're all done with your move, but, you've left something important behind? It can be really frustrating, and in some cases, cause long term distress. Let us suggest some ways to avoid this situation.

One of the most important things to do when starting to plan your move is to make a packing/moving list. On the list, make special note of any particularly important items, like Mr. Bear, passports, birth certificates, etc. Check these items off the list only after they've been safely packed and secured for transport, and make sure to label the boxes containing them.

On moving day, go over the list one more time, and make sure that all of these important items are safely loaded into the truck or other vehicles. Check the house one extra time, room by room, and make sure to double check for these important items!

After arriving at your new residence, double check that these important belongings made it to their destination by checking them off the list again as they come off the truck. Make sure that everything is safe before calling your move to completion, and letting all the hired help go home.

Or, you can leave all this hassle to us! We can make your move worry free and stress free, even for your little ones. We can safely and efficiently pack, load, transport, and unload all of your belongings, even Mr. Bear, and make sure there's no one left behind! We will carefully wrap and pack all of your valuables, room by room, labeling each box before gently securing them into one of our fleet of safe and protective moving trucks. We will check the house before we leave, and double check that all of your boxes and other belongings arrive safely at your destination. Even better, we will do it for a surprisingly reasonable fee. Can you really put a price tag on stress free?

Give us a call today at 1234-5678 for a free consultation, and let us help you save all those tears!

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