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Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Relocations

International moves can be the biggest headache when trying to start a new adventure or job in a foreign country. Packing, shipping, expenditures, and all with unreliable or unknown companies. And, trying to take care of it yourself can be a real headache!

Let us share a story with you from one of our associates about his international move:

When he was moving internationally, he downsized his entire house. After reducing his life to 12 boxes and a special item, he went to the shipping store, and paid 1200 dollars to ship everything to another country himself. After moving, and waiting 6 weeks for the boxes to arrive, customs called, and refused his special item. He shipped an artistic katana, to the cost of 300 dollars, only to have it refused and returned to sender. Customs required a special artistic license and authenticity to allow the article into the country.

Singapore Movers KNT will guarantee you a better experience, no matter where your move is taking you!
KNT is well known and respected for domestic relocations. However, we handle international and overseas moving as well. Have you ever contracted a mover, only to find out that they will not directly handle your entire move, start to finish, when relocating internationally? Most movers Singapore will find the cheapest shipping company, regardless of reliability or safety of your items, to handle international relocations. KNT will never put your personal belongings at risk!
KNT can handle any international relocation to any location within driving distance. We will personally oversee the process, from packing to unpacking, to guarantee your safety and satisfaction! You will never need to worry about when your items will arrive, or in what condition! We will do the worrying for you!
And if the move is beyond our capabilities, we will work with partner shipping companies, who have proven track records and quality reputations, to ensure that your items arrive in the same condition as if we handled the move ourselves. We believe in quality customer service, and long-term relationships, both with our partners and our customers. We believe that once you move with KNT, you will never need another moving company again, no matter how far away you need to go! Our professionals will double check all shipping requirements, customs forms, and make sure everything arrives on time, undamaged, and without a hitch from customs.
So let us help you with that relocation, any where, any time. Call us today at 6747-6636 for your no hassle, no obligation quote, and get started on your painless and worry free relocation. Put your trust in us! KNT Movers

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