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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Label Me Relieved!

In previous posts, we've touched on the idea of labeling all of your moving vessels. In this post, let's talk about why and how to do this!

First, why:

For starters, it makes unpacking much easier. Our movers or your friends will easily sort things in the appropriate rooms for easy unpacking. A clear label will save you time lugging boxes from room to room that could have been accomplished by your hired help! Save your back some breaking with nice clear labels!

From the other side, the packing side, it makes packing much easier and safer. If you label all the boxes by room with a short list of what is inside, it greatly reduces the chance that something will be left behind. Also, numbering each box so you know how many from each room are migrating to their new rooms helps as well. Taking a quick count of what's in the truck (or trucks) will help you move with confidence and relief. Make sure you make a list of all the important items including which room they are in! Don't forget about the bear!!

Okay, now, let's talk about how:

You can go low tech, and, just write on the boxes. This is a simple way to get things done, but, it's also easily mixed up or missed unless you write on every side of the box. We recommend using something a little easier to see.

Something like our color coded labels here. They are brightly colored, easily visible, and even easier to write! Slap a couple of these on your boxes, and then just tell everyone "Yellows in the living room, green in the bedroom, purples in the kitchen please!" Much less fuss, and an inexpensive way to keep your things organized!

You can pick these up at our main office for a small fee, but the savings on headache medicine surely covers the cost!

Here is a good example of how to save yourself some trouble. These boxes are labeled and numbered for easy sorting. It doesn't matter if they're going across the city, across the border, or across the world; when they get where they are going, they can find themselves safely sorted into the correct room, ready to be unpacked into a lovely new home!

By the way, our sturdy boxes also come at a great, low cost! When you're picking up your labels, why not grab a few boxes? Can never have too many boxes when moving, right? They make great padding too, not just for putting things inside! Separate tables and other items with a few stout boxes in between to help protect them from any bumps or scratches that might happen in transit! When you're finished with them, give us a call, and we can cart them away!

A few other things to remember when labeling a box:

Be clear, but no need to be obsessive-compulsive on the labeling. "Tools" should suffice, no need to list each and every tool, or each and every movie in the box. That will put the pain right back into the moving!

There are other important details to label on your box besides the contents and the destination. Don't forget to label them with helpful things like FRAGILE or HEAVY. This can save a lot in medical bills and replacements when the wrong box gets put on the bottom or someone tries to lift all of your college textbooks the wrong way! Be kind to your movers!

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