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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Customer Dissatisfaction

As a business owner, when was the last time you undertake an office move? How many hours, days, weeks?

My last move took me almost a month, with packing, wrapping, cleaning, moving, unpacking, cleaning again and.... That's a lot of time!  For a business, all of that lost time adds up to lost money.

The last time we moved our office, the take-down and set-up took some time. As professionals at relocation services, our downtime was minimal. However, for the average office, to take care of an office move can result in some serious downtime for a business. Downtime can cause customer inconveniences, loss of new leads, loss of man hours, and severe reduction of productivity. Just the packing alone can take a large office several weeks, let alone the unpacking and disposals required.

Why let your business suffer? Finding a good mover to help keep your business running smoothly is important in today's constantly changing landscape.

Look no further, introducing KNT Movers (S) Pte Ltd

As the number one Singapore movers, we know how to save you time and money in your office movers needs! Let our experienced moving crew use the most efficient and effective way to relocate your office in a stress free and systematic manner.

Our moving crew of professionals can quickly and carefully label, pack, relocate, and unwrap your office in a minimal amount of time. After unpacking, we will even take care of the disposal of all packing materials to reduce your headache!

And it is not just cost effective for businesses either, our movers Singapore can take care of your residential relocations in record time! Why would you want to spend weeks or even months trying to finish moving into your new house! We can finish most moves in half a day! Wake-up in your old home, and go to sleep in your new home!

Call us today at 6747-6636 and save your time and money, not to mention your hard-work and labor! Contact us to let our customer service professionals help keep your business or life streamlined and on track!

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