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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A recent customer feedback

Let us share with you a recent post by a satisfied customer.

"It was time for my first big move for my new job. I needed to relocate to Johor from Singapore proper to shorten my commute to work, and upgrade my living quarters after getting a nice pay raise. My company gave me a relocation allowance (how unusual is that?!).

I searched around for many moving companies. After reading a lot of reviews online, I picked my moving company. They had a good reputation, and their website seemed reputable enough. I called them, and made my appointment. I asked for an early morning start, because I was sure it would take all day. Have you ever had a move that went quickly? They're such a drag. I really despise the moving process.

Since my company gave me a relocation allowance, I decided to ask the movers to do the whole thing, packing to unpacking, for me.  I arranged to finish up rental agreements and cleaning and pick up my new keys the same day, while the movers were taking care of my old flat. I got the movers started, and went to get my new keys. It took quite a while longer than I expected to sign the new paperwork and receive my keys.

In the taxi on my way to my new flat, I got a call from the movers. They had beaten me to my new apartment and were waiting for me already! I couldn't believe it! If I had packed up everything myself, it would have taken me DAYS! They packed my entire flat in about 2 hours, and made it to my new apartment before I could pick up my keys!

So I asked the taxi uncle to try to hurry up for me. We arrived, and despite their wait, the movers weren't cross at all. They just got to work, and started moving my things into my new flat. They did their best not to bother me while I did an inspection.

In a little less than 2 hours, they had unpacked all of my things, and removed all of the boxes and padding and wrap they had used to keep everything from scratching or breaking, and I was waving goodbye. What a stress-free move!

And now, the best part: When I went back to my old flat to finish up the cleaning and get it ready to return the keys, it was so clean, I barely had any work left to do! Every time I move, I always end up making a terrible mess in the process, but they had taken care of everything and left almost no trace! I really can't believe my luck! What a great moving company! I will never move by myself again!"

This is how we at KNT strive to satisfy every single customer, every single time! If you're looking for a stress-free move, then give us a call today!

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