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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Monday, 6 April 2015

Singaporeans are always moving around!

We post a lot of information about moving, but, why is it so important? Why is it important to have a good moving company? Why is it especially important for Singaporeans?
Here's why: more than 50 percent of Singapore relocates every year! Singapore enjoys steady population boom and staggering growth! Because of our strong, stable economy, we have a constantly increasing population. And with constant renovations, our citizens are able to change to better, more affordable or more conveniently located residences frequently. At a robust population of 5.5 million people, a 50% relocation rate calculates to a lot of moves in a year! We don't seem to want to stay in the same spot for very long. So, we are especially careful to preserve our reputation and maintain our image as an efficient and well respected moving company.

2.7 million Singaporean people each year take the time to search for a good mover, or just ask their friends and relatives to give them a hand. What do you do when you need a good mover? If you're moving every two years (or more), then you don't have a lot of stuff in your house, you throw everything away regularly, you've got a large vehicle, or you're hiring a moving company frequently. Wouldn't you rather save your precious time and settle in with a company you knew provided you a great moving rate, worry-free movers, and hassle-free moving days? That’s when you call KNT Movers!
Forgive us for a few moments while we toot our own horn. Why do you call us? Why do we always say that KNT is the best Singaporean moving company? Well, for starters, we have the best customer service staff in the country. Not only can we take care of anything you need for your move, start to finish (and after services!), but we will do it in a professional, friendly manner that helps you feel our commitment to your satisfaction. Planning, matching your schedule, helping take care of your packing, helping you sort the boxes and unpack their contents, even up to and including hauling away your used packaging and moving materials after your home has been set to your liking, KNT takes care of you and all your needs. Your wallet will love us as much as you and your schedule book do! We are the most affordable and competitively priced moving company in Singapore!

So, if you want to make sure that yourselves, your items, and all valuables are handled with the utmost care; you want to be confident that everything arrives safely in your new house, properly sorted and cared for by professionals; and you want to make sure it's a hassle-free day for you and your bank account, you know who to call. So, call KNT Movers, Singapore’s #1 movers today at 6747-6636. We are waiting to take care of you today!

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