Our Fleet Of Trucks

Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Need to get out in a hurry?

We of course all have those tragic or upsetting incidents that require us to move quickly, but sometimes it's a fresh opportunity that causes our prompt relocations. Maybe it's a new baby, a new job, a new opportunity in a new city. Maybe it's a windfall that allows us to upgrade, or move closer to our loved ones. Whatever the reason, what do you do when you need to relocate quick, fast, and in a hurry?

"Recently, I found a steal of a deal on a new place. Three times the size, own my own place, and pay the same (yes, the SAME) price I was paying for a rental. The catch? I had to move out within the week or pay out the nose for having two residences. What a choice! What should I do? Who could possibly help me with all of this?

So, I started taking stock of what I needed to do to make this all happen. I had work, girlfriend commitments, and all the other things you have to do to keep on living/breathing/working/not dying.  I needed to pack everything, find a way to move it out, and clean up the apartment afterwards. After staring down the barrel at an impossible task, I decided to research hiring a moving company.

I called around in Singapore to look for good movers, when I found KNT. I explained to them the situation, and they really helped me out of the bind. First, they gave me a cut rate deal on a storage unit to move everything out of my current residence early. Then, they gave me an even better deal on moving everything into, and unpacking, my new home. 

I had ample time to clean and repair my old home in time to move out and comfortably sleep in my own bed in my new home the first night with almost no hassle. I really recommend calling KNT any time, whether you're in a hurry or not! They really helped me out!"

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