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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Getting in and setting up

So, you've found a place to live! Congratulations on your new house! Now, you need to make the house your home! With everything packed (and labeled?) and ready to go, make sure you've got your moving checklist and have everything sorted by room. It's time to turn that house into a home, little by little.

What can you do today? First, make sure the movers have all the boxes! Don't let them leave without all of your belongings! We posted before about the missing teddy bear. Don't let this trauma happen to your family too!

First, only fill your home with the stuff you really want to be there (or need). Everything that won't fit, doesn't match, is worn out or you just don't feel anymore, it's better to get rid of it now instead of later. Sell, give, or throw them away! Why move them just to move them out again?

The first night is so hard, so make sure you're prepared! Hopefully you've prepared a move-in box, with everything you'll need for the first night. This should include toiletries, bedding, and anything else that you or children or other family members might need (like the dog). Also, make sure you have enough dishes (or paper goods) to eat dinner the first night. Let's be honest, unless you're Wolfgang Puck, you're not cooking the first night!

Now, starting on your second day, it's time to get serious about unpacking. For starters, since you have all that you need to survive a few days, take your time! Unpack boxes one at a time, one room a t a time. When packing, you've hopefully planned unpacking at the same time. Take it easy, and try to put everything in the right spot. Try to unpack art, photos, and decorations early to decorate and hep give your house a homey feeling.

Don't try to do everything at once! Pace yourself, and don't be afraid to ask for help from your new neighbors or your children! Why not let the little ones unpack and decorate how they want? Also, they maybe can't wait for you to get around to unpacking the toy or game they really want to play with next, so this keeps them occupied while you set up the rest of the house! Involving your new neighbors lets them get to know you and maybe find things in common.

 Finally, remember to be flexible with your decorating and your time. Don't stress out or strain yourself trying to get everything perfect the first time, or all at once. Take some time to learn about your new neighborhood, and explore and find all the fun things there are to do!

When you're done unpacking, call us, and we'll come pick up the boxes and packaging you got from us at no extra fee! Let us help you with that clean-up!

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