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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Making a house a home, the thrifty way!

Moving can be expensive! DIY moves are the cheapest financially, but may be the most expensive physically. Even a DIY move can break the bank over long distances. At KNT, we do our best to be kind to your pocketbook, but some times there are just too many things for you to move, or too many new things for you to buy. How can you transform that empty, stark house into your warm and comfortable home? Let us provide some tips for you! 

For starters, to prevent damage to your recently moved in items, make sure you do any painting and renovations prior to moving in your stuff. It's a pain to make all the trips, but it will save you a lot of heartache later. 

 Next, find and shop the used, thrift, or second hand stores in the area. Some of the items you'll find will surprise you in a bad way, but some of them will surprise you in a good way! It's amazing the things I've found in thrift shop; from brand new electronics to antique electrics that make great conversation pieces. Consider flowers from the dollar store to help add color and brightness to your otherwise boring spaces. Many of the items I have found to decorate our house have been unique, handmade crafts that really liven up your home.

Speaking of unique, handmade crafts, why not make some of your own? Recruit the family to help out! These items are a sign of a warm, loving home, and can add color and contrast to an otherwise drab living space. Even if you can't decorate the whole room, adding an accent to the usual space can go a long way to warming up the room.

Have a spare white wall? Why not track your children's growth? Measure them, and make a line as they grow, adding their initials and the date. This is a cute, fun way to add a conversation piece to your home, and the cost is only a permanent marker.

Are you trying to use your old furniture in your new house, but something just seems off? Well, like the saying goes, you can't put a round peg in a square hole! Why not sell these items and use the money to buy something that works better? If nothing else, that space could be used for a play area, a storage area, or a workout area! Don't limit your possibilities!

We mentioned before accent or contrast items. If you have a space that you can't afford to decorate now, why not just put a single, eye-attracting adornment there to distract from the rest of the room? Later, as the budget allows, decorate the rest of the room, or fill the space with family photos or cheaper decorations.

Last, remember that you don't need to decorate everything the day you move in. Do what you can at first, but, remember that it takes time to make a a house a home. Decorate as much as your budget and time allow, and build the rest of your home over time, as any warm home should be. You can't rush perfection!

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