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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Storage Options

Whether you're looking to downsize your home, tidy up the clutter, on a temporary relocation for work, or any number of other reasons, storage is often a great, low cost option! In order to mitigate costs and get the best deal, it's important to know just how small of a storage unit you can get away with. In order to know that, you need to properly assess the items you need to store! Here are a few tips to help you properly plan and pack your items.

First, make a list! What do you need to store? Everything? Something? A few things? Just the furniture? Write it all down, and get it sorted. Also, you might use a larger sheet of paper for this, and leave some room here for notes like dimensions and so forth. Now, do you have your list? Look it over again. Which of these things are you really going to use again? Which of these things will it be better to replace or just eliminate entirely? Every extra item you can eliminate saves you money in the long run!

Now, take the edited list, and, measure the big stuff. How large is the sofa? How tall? How wide? How broad? Which items are fragile and need special care? Which items are sensitive and need to be sealed air tight? Anything need mothballing? All of these things need to be taken into consideration!

Now, you need to get your packing materials: packing paper, moving blankets, moving pads, and strong cardboard boxes of various sizes. You may also need to acquire tools to dismantle appliances and furniture if needed. Don't forget air tight sealing and mothballs! When choosing boxes, make sure they're strong enough to stack! The best way to save space is to use stackable boxes. If you're storing fragile items, try using dishpack boxes to save you from worrying about breakage during transportation, and can help make sure your wine glasses weather the storage time carefully. 

For clothing, wardrobe boxes can help prevent wrinkles and other frustrations that often occur in a move or long term storage. Having to repress work clothing or rewash items after moving is a serious chore. Remember to pack heavier items in smaller boxes to balance the weight, and lighter items in somewhat larger boxes to reduce the amount of packaging required!

We offer packaging at a great rate as well, and we can even pick it up for free after you've moved with us!

After procuring your storage facility, you can plan how to use the space. First, stacking the boxes. Large, heavier items must be placed first; i.e. appliances and boxes of your college textbooks. The heavier boxes also need to go towards the bottom, with the lighter boxes obviously being placed on top. Keep in mind what you might need to have easy access to during storage time, or things you might need to put your hands on quickly to help unpack or reassemble other items that are in the storage facility.

If you're storing anything with drawers or shelving, use this space to store smaller and lighter items like clothing and pillows. Whatever you're storing, make sure to pack it in a storage back to keep pesky bugs and dust out.

Large furniture like sofas and love seats can be turned on their end and stored against a wall to reduce the amount of floor space they require. If you're storing appliances, remember that your fridge and freezer were recently damp or moist on the inside, so no matter how long you've let them defrost or air, leave the doors open a crack to make sure they don't mold.

And, as always, make sure to label every box with its contents. Keep your packing so that you know what you’ve locked up in storage. It's always frustrating to search for the stuff you're missing, only to find out after you've bought a new one that it was in your storage unit!

If you're looking for great rates on storage, make sure you call us at KNT! We have great rates and clean, dry facilities to protect all your items! Our customer service specialists are standing by at 6747-6636.

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