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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Kitchen Storage Tips

A cramped kitchen is incredibly hard to work in. Remodeling your kitchen can be a real pain. Sometimes, you've got no choice with the design, and so you just do your best until you can upgrade or build your dream kitchen. While it can be a large pain, and doing it yourself may cause some heartache, it's worth it! Even small adjustments can make your space more efficient and productive, yet reduce the clutter!

Use Your Space!
There are many places we don't think about which have wasted space; space we could be using to store things, but aren't yet. Don’t be one of those people. Learn to think outside the box! You can attach cork board to doors to hold knives or recipes. You can install racks or clip strips to keep spices, recipes, coupons and lists. This frees up extra drawer space for other things. It's even a great place to hang other cooking utensils, like measuring spoons or any other utensil which has a hook. I especially like to put my frying utensils in easy to access spots. It's even a good place to put racks or baskets to hold cleaning supplies like sponges, or pot lids. There's not much a good cabinet door can't hold for you.
And don't forget about the space under the cabinets too! They can be used to hold paper towel (or cloth towel) racks and even knife blocks like this one! Don't put a limit on your creativity! 
Serious Shelving
Shelves are another option you can utilize maximize your space. The secret to uncluttering your kitchen space is to keep everything off the counters that you can. A kitchen without proper shelving and cabinets isn't a kitchen, it's just a cook space! So make that kitchen more comfy by installing some shelves for yourself. Regular shelves are great for displaying decorative dishes and teapots, but lack a bit for other kinds of utility. I prefer to install more useful shelving. 

A pantry without shelves is just a closet, so, try different ways to make your pantry more useful.
Container Clutter
When we buy things at store, they always come in packages inside packages inside packaging. All this extra wrap, trap, and scrap can take a lot of extra room when you're trying to store something. I always unpackage everything as much as possible without spoilage or risk of loss of freshness. This can help reduce all the extra clutter in a kitchen. That's not to say, however, that I am against containers in the kitchen! 

Baskets make great kitchen aids! Put all your spices of a similar theme in one basket, or all the dry ingredients you use to make your favorite Mexican dish in a basket together. Store your flour, sugar, or other powdered items in a large, decorative glass jar with a vacuum seal lid. I recommend keeping some kind of desiccant in the jar with them to avoid clumping, however!

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