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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Making a Home - The Neighbor Edition

After moving into a new house, there are so many things needed to be done in order to turn it into a home. Not just all of the cleaning, remodeling, and unpacking, but things like gardening, meeting the neighbors, finding the grocery store, etc. Let this be a guide to help you to make some new friends.

For starters, stop researching. No one ever met anyone else by researching. It takes an effort to get out and meet people. Check social media and other online groups for where the local hot spots are, and then get out and start talking! It's often helpful to talk to the neighbors before you move in. This is both helpful to feel out the neighborhood, size up welcome gifts (if any), and even enlist help with the moving and unpacking on that difficult day!

Some other things that can be useful before moving to a new area: Watch the local news either by TV or the internet (even YouTube!) to find out about the local community. Subscribe to the local newspaper. Most newspapers have a website, so you can use these also. While you're on the internet, use online groups and social media to connect virtually and find out what's popular in the area and about local events. Before you move, you'll definitely be in the area to scope out your new digs and the area, so drop into local shops and start up conversations with the people who live locally to introduce yourself and fact find.

After you move, keep reading the newspaper, keep checking the local news, but get out of the house! Take your pets for a walk, and greet everyone you meet. Talk to other pet owners while your pets get to know each other. Stop at a park and talk to friendly strangers while your pet learns the area and gets a rest. Visit the local library and coffee shops. People here usually have more free time, and are often open to conversations. Taking a class at the local community center is another good way to get to know people. It's much easier for people to talk while they're doing something, and invites to go do XX afterwards are common. Try turning off your GPS and go explore your area. If you get lost, you can always turn it back on to get home, or, even better, stop in and ask for directions! What better way to start a conversation?

Tired of packing? why not take a break and get some fresh air? Moving trucks attract a lot of attention. The locals are much more likely to move in to talk to the new residents when the truck is still in the driveway, and it's important to make yourself available. The more approachable you are, the more likely you are to make new friends fast!

Lastly, what move is complete without a house-warming party? Invite your new friends AND old friends. Invite your family! It's important to not forget the friends you have already when making a new home with a new social group. If everyone is too far away, the wonders of technology keep you connected! Just because you're moving doesn't mean you lose everything! Bring parts of your old home to your new home!

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