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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Moving in with someone?

Sharing your space with someone is a pretty scary endeavor. If it's someone you've been dating, then it won't quite be as much of an adjustment as moving in with a stranger, but both cases are still intimidating. Here are a few tips for moving in with someone who isn't your someone special. 

1. Setting the stage

Your first night as flat mates should set the stage for all of the nights to come. If you just hop in the flat and then hide in your respective caves, then things don't look good for a chummy relationship in the near future. Instead, try to make it a fun event, with a special, celebratory meal, a glass of wine or hors d’oeuvres. Also, take this time and good atmospheric opportunity to discuss your plans for your shared spaces. Furniture, arrangements, bathroom schedules, which side of the fridge, do you need to label foods, etc. Setting out the rules in the beginning is paramount to a good shared living relationship. If you start off well, you can finish well as well. 

2. Take Inventory

When merging two people's belongings, it's important to make sure what goes where, including what goes to the dump. Sit down together and make a list of all of items you have, they have, and that you both want to bring with. It's important to make these decisions together to get a sense for what you have, and how you'll be merging your houses together. Don't only focus on furnishings and big accessories, but include small appliances and other items that will go in shared spaces. It's important to compromise on these items. If you need, we have affordable, convenient storage options for any items you don't need now, but might want later!

3. Talk about Lifestyle and Pet Peeves

It's important to layout your lifestyle and strong dislikes in the beginning, preferably before deciding to move in together. How you set up your personal space is your own thing, but sharing space with someone is often uncomfortable at best. Will your new roommate be awake late at night when you need to wake up early? Does your roommate smoke? Will there be romantic visitations, and how will these be dealt with. What kind of Feng Sui do you like? Are there any strong pet peeves that you have? For example, touching your things, stealing from your plate, etc. How tidy are you, and how will chores be divided? Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory is a bit of an eccentric, but having an agreement to resolve conflicts isn't such a bad idea!

4. Find the missing pieces together

After you've managed to fit together all of your belongings and lifestyles, you can work out the missing pieces together to really cement your shared space. Doing these activities together will help change the space from looking like two houses smashed together into two houses merged together; like proper shading in a painting. Try to keep things fun, and avoid any stressful moments. But, don’t feel like there's an immediate need to patch everything togther at once. It takes time to make a masterpiece, so give yourselves the time you need need to find solutions as an ongoing, fun process.

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