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Saturday, 31 October 2015

DIY Moving Made EasIER

Relocating for a new job or a new city is exciting and expensive. Hiring movers can be fast and efficient, but, also can break your bank if you're on a limited budget. DIYing it can save you money, but, here are some tips for relocating it on the cheap!

1. Set a budget.

6757849129_54c4f1ab10_bIt's very important to understand your financial limits. Moving can be incredibly expensive. Security deposits, utility deposits, set up fees, moving costs... Setting a budget is critical to keeping your move from breaking your bank.

2. Call a mover to get an estimate

There's a lot of hidden costs in a DIY move. When we start a move, we think about the moving truck, but sometimes we miss the other costs like, the food for the helpers, gas for the truck, and any other travel expenses, such as a hotel room for you and any helpers, and it can really add up. Often, it is either cheaper, or close enough, to be better to choose the professional KNT move. Call us to receive a free moving quote and inspection, and then make the final decision to do it yourself or let us help you out! We can handle any move, whether we do all or some of the packing, heavy lifting, or moving.

3. Planning

Each and every move requires planning, but, your first big move, or the first move out of your parents home will require extra planning. We advise that ou start as early as possible by checking out our moving tips and really thinking about what you really need to keep and not. There are a number of apps for your tablet or smart phone to help you prepare for and budget your move. Why not try one of these out to help keep you on track?

4. Reducing your clutter

yard sale movingSometimes you take a look at the stuff you have, and you just can't really be sure you need it. Some of it you just don't throw away because it's too valuable, sentimentally or monetarily. You can save yourself some time and money by having a yard sale or flea market stall timely before your move. It will help you by reducing on truck space, labor, and time packing, and you can make a few extra dollars to help cover all those expensive moving costs! Don't hesitate to donate anything you couldn't sell to a good home or charity!
5. Pick and choose when to hire the pros!
flat rate moving professionals helping when moving for a new jobNot every budget allows for, nor does every move require, professional movers, but, we find that some items are better taken care of by professionals. Especially with large or extra heavy items, the overs have the expertise and insurance to take care of things for you. They can take care of damages in case they make a human error, and they can get the medical attention they need if they hurt themselves.

6. Renters’ insurance.

Moving into or out of a place you don't own, you should always carry insurance on your belongings. You never know what accidents may happen, from a flood to a fire to a broken water pipe in your apartment. Sometimes your neighhbors carry their own insurance in case they damage you, and sometimes they don't. For as little as 10$ a month, you can often get at least some kind of coverage in case of a disaster. Replacing everything out of pocket would be a crippling expense, especially if it's your first big move!

7. Packing supplies

Find one of our handy packing guides, and make sure you make a good list of what packing supplies you will need to pack everything in your home. Often, supermarkets or appliance stores can be a good source for extra boxes in their restocking times, but you also may consider buying new boxes to protect your most valuable items. Most moving companies will offer these at a reasonable rate, even if you don't hire them. We will even swing by and pick up your leftover packing supplies to recycle for you1

8. Pack smart

Packing smart when moving to a new city for workNothing ruins your moving day than unpacking to find you have broken personal items or spending hours looking for something you didn't label. Smart packing means to distribute items evenly amongst boxes, using ample padding and cushioning (sometimes your towels, and sometimes bubble wrap!), and keeping everything organized and labeled for easy unpacking. If you take your time, label and secure every item, then your moving day will be a lot less stressful!

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