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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Your bathroom is probably one of the smaller rooms in your house. However, it also has some of the smaller and messier items to pack. Most people will overlook the small details when they are packing, but, this guide will help you avoid the pitfalls.

Packing up a Bathroom for Moving

The easiest, simplest way to pack your bathroom is to call KNT and let us do it for you! However, if you'd like to take care of it yourself, check out these tips!

First, make sure to pack, in a separate box, the toiletries you use every day. These items include, but aren't limited to, cosmetics, medicines, toothbrushes and paste to match, puffs, pads, buds, a washcloth, your face wash, etc. etc. etc. Put these in a sturdy box with a clear label and set it aside to be packed someplace you can get access to easily. This will make evening bath time and morning shower time much easier!

Next, go through your bathroom to look for things you may not need, or might be able to replace cheaper than packing and moving. That shampoo you tried last year but didn't like the smell, the conditioner that turned your hair the wrong color, the hair dye you bought for your Halloween costume, etc. Also, check for expired medications that might be hanging out in your medicine cabinet.

Additionally, anything that's lost it's label, you forgot what it was for, or can't read any more is probably no longer necessary. Keeping these around is risky, and a waste of space at best. Don't bring your clutter from your old place to the new!

Also, check out your towels, face towels, wash cloths etc. Anything that's fraying, doesn't look so nice anymore, stained or just doesn't absorb like it used to, it's probably a good time to replace. A new house needs some of the old home to be comfortable, but we can all probably afford to replace our shabby towels for something a little bit more fresh.

As far as your cleaning supplies, it's best to pool these resources all in one spot to prepare for the painful actual moving day. Especially if you're enlisting help for the cleaning,  you'll want to have these all in a central place to dispatch your slave labor from; something like Mr. Clean's headquarters.

A few more specific tips on packing are coming up next! 
First, any items which were kept inside the shower or bathtub area, or around the sink, may still be wet. Make sure to dry these completely before packing them. Nothing spoils a moving day like a wet box, and nothing frustrates you on unpacking day like opening up a box of pungent smelling moldy bottles. 
Second, anything that has even the slightest chance of leaking needs to be secured. Generally speaking, a plastic baggy with a seal, like a Ziploc, is sufficient, but, if you have any doubts, there are two options. First, you could simply tape the bottle lid. I don't recommend this method because, sometimes when you remove said tape, there's a sticky, gummy residue. Instead, I take my handy plastic wrap from the kitchen, completely wrap the bottle cap, and run it under a hot air hair dryer so the plastic shrinks into place. There's much less chance of mess this way anyway, and no chance of gummy residue on the cap that you have to touch until the bottle is empty!

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