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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

General Moving Tips

Here's just a list of all purpose, general DIY moving tips, in no special order! This is our grab bag post.

- Pack all of your medications and first aid supplies in a separate, properly labeled box. Anything which is temperature sensitive should be packed appropriately.
- Use small boxes and don't overload them so that they break under the weight. Line the boxes with linen or towels before arranging the items inside to be packed.
- Fragile items in your bathroom need bubble wrap and to be taped well. Then place these items in a sturdy cardboard box with little empty space for wiggling. - soft and unbreakable items (towels, linen, the bath curtains, etc.) can be used to reduce empty space in other boxes containing heavier items.
- Properly dispose of hazardous materials in appropriate containers, not in the waste bin or toilet. They are dangerous for the environment and children.
- Remember that if you're short on time or motivation, you can always contact us! Don’t be shy to ask questions, ask for advice, or for a free quote. It might be that the cost of professionals is the same as what you spend for packing materials.
- Pack boots by wrapping each one with dry paper, separately from it's pair. Then, pack them in a bigger sized box, with the heaviest articles on the bottom. On top of these, pack lighter items. 
- Make sure you pack heavier boxes on the bottom of the truck, followed by lighter and lighter boxes, and the lightest items on top. 
- After each layer of shoes you pack, place a new sheet of packing paper. 
- If there are any empty spaces in between the boxes or items in the boxes, use crumpled paper to fill up those. 
- Pack first shoes (and clothes) from different seasons. This is a good approach when packing clothing because you can label those boxes for later unpacking or storage.  You won’t need them soon anyway.
- Load the not so critical items into the truck first, and put the more pertinent boxes in last. Then, when you unload them, make sure you sort put them in the appropriate places in the house. Anything you won't need soon can be put in storage or a centralized location for easier access later. 
- In the moving truck, don't put heavy things on your shoes or other items which have a specific shape because this could cause deformities. 
- If moving in inclimate weather, make sure you protect your boxes from the damp or it could destroy shoes or other items. - Move the first night or first few days items before the moving truck comes. If you're going for a house inspection, this is a great time to drop off items that you can use after the hauling is done. It's nice to be able to use your bathroom before you even open a box on moving day.

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