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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Move Advisor

Keeping track of everything for a move is incredibly time consuming and stressful. Where to go, what to do, what to buy, who to call.... all of this happening at once! The minute you decide to move, you're on a deadline to get all your ducks in order. The good news is, there's help!

Our brains have a limit on how much they can keep and retain, and the stress of moving can really take its toll on us. So, in today's Digital Age, we have convenient ways to organize a move from our mobile device. 

Move Advisor is a revolutionary moving app that redefines the way we move What is Move Advisor?

Well, in the app, every icon on your mobile device's calendar will now hold additional, relevant information at the tip of your finger. Just tap on the icon and Move Advisor becomes your personal guide through every stage of your move. 

There are four powerful tools to help you become the great hero of your own moving adventure:

Moving Timeline

This part of the app helps break the big task of moving into smaller pieces, week by week. It's designed to make the pieces manageable, and not overwhelm you with too many tasks in a short period of time. All tasks are displayed with eye-catching icons which are easy to understand, but, should you want more detail, you can just tap on that icon, and get a wealth of information about what you should be doing.

The best thing: you're in charge of this customizable app. You can delete items youd on't need, reschedule items you can't complete yet, and mark other items as completed already. 

Even more handy, there's an ACTION button underneath each task to suggest ways to accomplish things even FASTER!

Home Inventory

Additionally, a home inventory tool takes the pain out of making your list. With easy to navigate menus, drag and drop actions, and a smooth interface, you can create an exact copy of your home with all your belongings in no time! When you finished with one room, mark it done and move on to the next! You can even calculate the size and weight of everything you've input with the touch of a button! This can help you plan how long you need to pack, and how long of a truck bed you need. Even better is the convenient option to email your home inventory to moving companies to receive accurate moving costs estimates.

Movers Around You

The app can also help you locate a mover nearby. A few taps and it will not only give you the listing, but can also pinpoint their exact location! There's even a place to read reviews from other customers! 

 And the best part about this app is that it's FREE! Why haven't you downloaded it already?!

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