Our Fleet Of Trucks

Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

It's more than just transport!

Moving is one of the hardest things we will have to do in our lives. And yet, we have to do it so many times! Why is it so hard?! It takes time. Time to plan, time to move, time to reset up in a new residence. It takes effort. Effort to research, pack, clean, move, unpack, and get everything back just the way you want it. It takes tons of energy. Energy of thought, motion, and STRESS! Let's not even talk about the cost! Even doing it by yourself, it still costs an arm and a leg. It's so stressful for the whole family! Not just on you, but the helping hands, the pets and the family (we will have a post on how to help them soon too!)

Time Intensive!

You have to decide what to pack. You have to separate what to throw away. If you're packing something, which box does it go in? Where will it go in the new house? What other things should you pack with it? Then, you have to decide what kind of box and what packing materials you need. Then, after it's all decided, you have to actually do all the packing. Deciding what to pack, purchasing materials, interviewing and deciding a moving company, even looking for a new home, it can take months, and sometimes even years. We are all busy with our regular day-to-day lives, so it can become quite a chore! Even just the thinking time can make you tired! KNT can help you shorten this process quite a bit, by being your one stop shop for packaging, all the way through to packing up and helping with the unpacking of your new home! We can even cart away your used packaging.

Money Intensive!

Moving costs so much money, not only time! Retaining a realtor, paying for materials, disposing materials, hiring a truck, hiring movers or buying food and alcohol for your buddies, house down payment or first and last month's rent, utility deposits, new furniture, fumigation or other things to do before moving in.... Everything takes money! If you're selling a house, it helps offset the moving costs some, but, often you have to pay upfront for the new place before you get the dividends from the old place... There's a few ways to help reduce these costs. 

First, surf the advertisements on websites and newspapers or free papers provided in town first. This is a good way to find a variety of good information or gems, from finding out the good neighborhoods to finding someone who is listing their home themselves, which saves the realtor and closing fees associated with them. When you find places you're interested in, although time consuming, drive around the neighborhoods first to see what neighborhoods seem like they'll fid you. If they're too far way, Google Earth can help you if nothing else! 
If you're relocating locally, try to find out if any of your utility companies can overlap. If so, then that can save you on paying new deposit fees or startup fees. 
When renting, sometimes a landlord will list their apartments or homes with more than one rental agency. If this is the case, find out which company has the better reputation and/or lower fees. 
Finally, make sure to check into the cost of living. The variation in different parts of the country can work in your favor, or can hurt you!
Moving materials cost money. We can accept unused packaging for no restocking fee, and, like we said, cart off the used materials after you've finished! Give us a call before you buy any of our packing materials!

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