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Our Fleet Of Trucks
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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Your most at-risk belongings

Perhaps the worst thing about moving is unexpected breakage. The obvious solution is to hire movers. KNT ensures the highest care and professionalism when handling your precious items; everything from your fragile flatware to your child's favorite blankie. We make sure everything makes it to your new residence on the same number of pieces we packed it in.

If you are planning to do the moving on your own, let us offer you a few tips to keep those belongings safe. To get started on a move, first you need to take an inventory of all the items you are moving, and which ones are the most likely to break. For anyone who still wants to pack themselves, let us help you identify the items that are the most at risk to suffer from a move, and some tips on how to reduce that risk.


  • Electronics are easily damaged. They need to be packed in double layer cardboard or china boxes. If they're larger items, find a larger box! And....
  • Don't skimp on the padding and packaging. Protect all four sides, and reinforce the corners of the boxes as well. Don't forget to add extra layers or padding between items if packing more than one electronic in a single box. In addition, make sure each item is wrapped individually, not in clumps.
  • Label, remove, color code and twist tie and wrap each cable individually. It's helpful to color code the cable with the corresponding plug into the device it matches with. Also, don't forget to label which electronic device each cord belongs to!
  • TVs and other large items should be packed in their original boxes whenever possible. If the original box is not available, professional movers often use special plasma boxes for televisions and pile on the blankets moving blankets in key places to prevent screen damage. Also, please don't forget to remove the base of the TV and other large items before wrapping (and of course wrap the base!).
  • Last, remember that electronics are heavy. If you stack inappropriately, or sometimes at all, you can cause pressure damage to your items. Err on the side of caution!


  • We have a special kind of box, china box, which is double layered and perfect to suit your flatware moving needs.
  • Always pack from heaviest to lightest, both in boxes and in the moving van! Also, be sure to pack anything possible in a standing position. This will also help reduce your breakage.

Lamps & Lamp Shades

  • Always remove the lamp shade from the lamp before packing.
  • Make sure your lamp shade is packed snugly in a box of appropriate size, and padded carefully around the edges.

  Picture Frames

Don't make this mistake: "Oh, it's a wooden frame, that will keep it from breaking!" Remember that most picture frames have glass, and if the glass breaks for any reason, it can do irrevocable damage to your priceless photos. Always make sure to wrap each frame individually, and we recommend removing the photos before packing them.

Antiques & Collectibles

These items are impossibly expensive and important to protect. We highly recommend hiring a mover (like us!) to take care of these items for you. If you are unable or unwilling to entrust us with your keepsakes, always remember to double layer pack with copious amounts of padding. We don't encourage you to use newsprint or other items with inks or stains that could alter the appearance or color of your antiques and collectibles. Make sure to wrap the tape around the packaging, not the item. The gum on the tap can cause serious damage to these items!

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